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1. Daily Dress Code
(a) As prescribed by the CCHS student handbook.
(b) Daily uniform will be modified as the daily classroom schedule permits.
(c) Wednesday-the class "B" unifrom will be worn in accordance with cadet reference books, all day for all classes in school.
(d) Monday-Physical taining (PT) will be conducted, uniform as prescribed.
(e) Civilian attire will be required all other days unless directed by the class room instructor.
2. Haircuts
(a) Male- modified military hair cut, hair off the ears, above the collar, tapered or blocked, side burns no lower than the ear lobe. Top cut no longer than above the eyebrows. This style is for daily and uniform wear.
(b) Male-The only facial hair permitted will be a mustache. This must be trimmed neatly and not to grow the corners of the mouth. This is required for uniform wear.
(c) Female- Hair must be able to be worn above the collar with the uniform.
3. Jewelry worn with uniforms.
(a) Males- No pierced earrings or other visible peircing. No necklaces or chains worn visible.
(b) Females- One non-dangling, small peirced earring allowed. No necklaces or chains worn visibility.
5. Most ares of disciplinary actions will be handles with the departiment. The following are GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL from the JROTC program: WEAPONS, DRUGS, SEXUAL HARASSMENT, FIGHTING, TOBACCO USE, SKIPPING CLASS, STEALING.
6. Classroom Procedures:
(a) Each class will start with a Platoon formation for attendance procedures; Pledge of Allegiance; Cadet Creed; discuss current events as appropriate.
(b) Formations will be followed be a minimum set of physical exercises.
(c) Daily classroom requirements, Cadets are to expected to do homework assigned as required.
(d) Cadets are required to set erect in class with proper posture. Take notes during discussion of class subjects.
(e) When a Cadet is addressed by whomever the Cadet will STAND at ATTENTION, state his name, "Cadet __________, and answer the question proposed."
(f) When addressing an instructor, you will adress the instructor by Rank and Name. If addressing an Officer, you will use 'SIR' or His Rank." When addressing a Non-commissioned officer, you will address him as sergeant.
7. Classroom Standards:
(a) Cadets will not chew gum during class
(b) Cadets are not allowed food or drink during class
(c) Cadets are not allowed talking, passing of notes, or other distractive behavior during classroom instruction.
(d) Cadets are expected to participate during class discussion.
(e) Cadets will receive a daily grade based on homework, daily tests, classroom participation, behavior and appearance.

"All For One, One For All..."


If any problems or questions please contact Cadet Brandon Lee Dillon at or Cadet Brent Hunter at